Evaluating the Feasibility & Profitability of an In-House Manufacturing Supply Chain of the Red Microalgae Porphyridium Species for Anti-Aging Products

Student: Julie Moylan, 2021-2022

Sponsor: Coast Southwest, Arlington, TX

Porphyridium is a red microalgae species widely renowned in the cosmetic and personal care industry due to its proven anti-aging benefits. Coast Southwest works to supply this product to skincare formulation companies. However, with increased global supply chain and shipping issues, the risk of shortages and delays continues to rise each year. This can result in hindered sales and strain on customer relationships. To that end, Coast Southwest need to gain full control over its own red microalgae supply chain in order to optimize their algae portfolio, cultivate stronger customer relationships and competitively establish themselves within the cosmetic industry. This Capstone will center around establishing an in-house supply chain of the Porphyridium species for Coast Southwest. The focus will mainly be on exploring the feasibility of such a venture and how it can be scaled to produce a profitable raw material, adding to the company’s current innovative ingredient portfolio.