Nano sensor platform for breast cancer detection

Student: Jon Malish, 2018-2019

Sponsor: Diya Li, Notre Dame, IN

Current breast cancer treatment involves annual scanning to detect cancer at an early stage, but this detection method lacks the ability to detect cancer before a tumor is present because it relies on detecting a physical tumor within the tissue. Our technology uses a nano-sensor platform that relies on circuit based technology to detect breast cancer. This technology uses carbon nanotubules to close the circuit so that cancer markers can be detected and quantified. This testing is done from a single blood sample and results can be measured the same day in the lab. This technology is sensitive, roughly a million times more than most comparative technologies that are hindered by the chemical properties of cancer markers within blood. Our technology is also incredibly selective. Currently it can measure all four of the major breast cancer markers simultaneously. Finally our technology is also economic. Current comparable technologies cost around seven hundred dollars to produce while ours costs twenty dollars.