OEM Market Expansion

Student: Nathan Santos, 2020-2021

Sponsor: Ideal Tridon, Nashville, Tennessee

Ideal Tridon Group (ITG) is a 300+ million dollar global leader focused on the design, development, testing, and validation of joining and support solutions for multiple industry segments around the globe. ITG has a long history in developing “engineered” joining products for Internal Combustion Engines in areas such as air induction, charge air connection, fuel filter, turbocharger, and exhaust applications. The goal of this project is to identify Ideal Tridon's core competencies, and use them to find avenues into new and upcoming markets. Specifically, the markets we will be targeting are solar power, wind power, water purification, water distribution, and 5G cell towers. The result of this project could lead to Ideal Tridon focusing on new products, applications, or even the acquisition of a new company. ITG is looking to grow into these new markets and learn new technologies that will keep them at the forefront of connecting and fastening solutions.