Video Analytics

Student: Christian Tiong-Smith, 2020-2021

Sponsor: General Electric Co., Niskayuna, New York

After a century at the forefront of the industrial manufacturing world, GE is transforming its portfolio of businesses to continue that pioneering leadership in the new technological era. In this process, GE has developed innovative advanced video analytics capabilities with potential applications in the advertising, marketing, healthcare, surveillance, and gaming markets. These unique capabilities combine multimodal sensor systems and algorithms to analyze social behaviors individually and achieve reliable behavioral recognition from crowds. GE's video analytics capabilities can be used to extract behavioral cues from complex environments and can potentially be integrated in technology enabled systems like surveillance and intelligent cities. The goal of this industry sponsored video analytics project is to identify strategic market segments and effective business models for the commercialization of these capabilities. However, the commercialization of similar technologies has recently been met with market challenges. Particularly, market adoption of video analytics technology has been slower than expected despite its proven potential. By exploring GE’s current thirty issued patents and twenty pending patents and assessing them against existing market technology, this project hopes to identify an area within the multi-billion dollar video analytics industry for GE to expand into.