PwC Microservices

Student: Lauren DeFrancesco, 2020-2021

Sponsor: PwC, San Jose, California

Fast moving and even more complex, the business landscape is becoming much more difficult to manage; and the role of technology is taking center stage across all aspects of core business operations. To ensure PwC remains at the forefront of professional services innovation and build a world class products and services business, they need to ensure we employ the latest thinking in product and technology development. Business’ are realizing that traditional monolithic ways of building applications are making it more difficult to deploy new features or make changes or improvements. This combined with the need to respond to a rapidly changing market and the need for business agility is a primary driver behind the creation of microservices and the use of container services. Specifically, I will work with PwC to develop a strategy and plan to employ an architecture that optimizes the use of the latest thinking that employs microservices in a complex environment.