KB Pro Assisted Anesthetic Airway Monitoring Device

Student: Tyler Keslin, 2020-2021

Sponsor: KB Pro, Phoenix, Arizona

KBP has designed a new device capable of analyzing oxygen administration and gas monitoring in intravenously anesthetized patients. KBP is a startup medical device company organized by an experienced team consisting of a plastic surgeon and a nurse anesthetist based in Phoenix, Arizona. The goal of this project is to market this revolutionary device that will allow surgeons around the world to better monitor a patient during surgery. More invasive surgeries, like open heart surgery or neurosurgery, use equally invasive tools to monitor the patient's oxygen and gas exchange. However, for less invasive surgeries, anesthetists do not always want to use these devices. In the event of circulatory collapse, carbon dioxide drops are the first sign. This device has the potential to be used in a variety of surgical fields and give surgeons the same information that general anesthetic setups provide. KBP's device will give surgeons the tools they need to safely adjust to challenges that occur during surgery and reduce complications that may arise.