Electrophysiological Solutions on Smart Devices for Locked-in Syndrome -, ADHD Patients and Drivers

Student: Kunigunda Szentes, 2017-2018

Sponsor: Mindtech, South Bend, IN

A brain computer interface (BCI) is the direct communication system between the human brain and an external device. EEG devices measure the electrical activity caused by the local current flow, which occurs during synaptic excitations of dendrites of pyramidal cells in the cerebral cortex due to the activation of voltage-gated ion channels. The Neurosky headset is a single-channel EEG headset, which is capable of recording and processing the patient's raw EEG signals with the help of the integrated signal detection biochip. This headset, can esaily transfer data to a device via bluetooth and makes programmers able to develop applications based on the processed signal. In order to increase the life standard of paralyzed persons, Mindtech is developing therapeutic mobile applications in Anroid and iOS, enabling interactive communication. The reader-, writer- and memory game applications are controlled by blinking signals, recorded by a Neurosky EEG headset. Helping with the training of attention problem suffering kids, a similar application is developed, monitoring real time the attention level. And for saving lifes on the road, drivers will always know when to stop, thanks to the application continously monitoring their meditation and attention levels.All these three different solutions came from one headset, an android/iOS based application plus a smart device.