Serim Pinnacle

Student: Brendan Hughes, 2016-2017

Sponsor: Serim Diagnostics, Elkhart, IN

Serim’s Pinnacle test strip monitors efficiency in the cleaning process used to disinfect medical instruments. In other words, it tests the overall process of cleaning the instruments including all the influencing variables: time, equipment, temperature, and enzymatic concentration. It is important to test the process to make sure it is operating properly, if not, patients have a higher chance of acquired infections. The test strip technology is made using proteins that mimic human produced soil on an instrument, specifically hemoglobin. The proteins are broken down through the process and loses its color. The problem the company is currently facing is in acquiring customers. There are currently no mandatory governmental regularions requiring facilities to periodically test their cleaning process effectiveness. Meaning, hospitals and dental offices have no motivation other than a moral one to implement this testing process. Market research will be conducted to create a penetration plan into the market. This encompasses conducting customer interviews and validating the added value proposition of a test reader for the strip.