Smartwatch-based food/health tracking application that will fight the obesity epidemic in the U.S

Student: Nicklas Wihlborg, 2018-2019

Sponsor: Justin Crepp, Notre Dame, IN

Obesity in the U.S and throughout the world has reached an all-time high and is today considered an epidemic. I am working together with Dr. Justin Crepp to develop a smartwatch-based food and weight tracking application that will analyze an individual’s biochemical response to various food. The algorithm associated with the app will learn about the users’ response to food/exercise and provide personalized recommendations. Moreover, we are currently in the process of developing a food index that will categorize food based on its actual nutritional composition rather than the common “calorie” classification. I will conduct thorough market research during our product launch to validate the market that could benefit from our product and pinpoint the specific segments we are likely to obtain. Once we are in market, I will work on the development of the algorithm and the science behind it, while conducting further market/strategy research. Ultimately, this will revolutionize the way we attack the epidemic and will improve the health among the U.S and global population.