Growth Strategy and Market Exploration a Carex Tech Engagement and Communications Platform

Student: Sarah Prezek, 2016-2017

Sponsor: CarexTech, South Bend, IN

Corporate wellness programs allow companies to invest in the overall well being of an employee, improving the health and morale of the individual. The company’s investment is returned in the savings from healthcare costs of its employees. This similar model is used today in long-term care facilities. These facilities have programs set in place to contribute to quality of life for residents. Staff records the attendance and outcome of these programs. CareX Tech and their software Smile™ help with this process. Carex Tech through the program Smile™ provides facilities with the software to streamline the management of activities and analyze their effectiveness. This software also has a family option to connect residents, caregivers, and families to contribute to the overall experience. In the upcoming year, I will be looking at new markets that software solutions like Smile™ may be applicable as well as helping to develop a growth strategy for the year old company.