Development and Commercialization of 3D Printed Imaging Phantoms

Student: Christian Knight, 2015-2016

Sponsor: Prof. Matthew Leevy, Biological Sciences, Notre Dame, IN

Leveraging the expansive variety of applications from today’s 3D printing technology, the capstone thesis project will work to develop and commercialize 3D printed imaging phantoms for use in preclinical and clinical medical imaging settings. Multiple imaging phantoms will be designed with contrast in several imaging modalities. These imaging phantoms will also aim to decrease the costs associated with frequent use of live specimens in imaging device validation, quality control, and device training. By replacing current traditionally manufactured phantoms with 3D printed solutions, the project will seek to reduce initial and long-term cost as well as provide more complex and accurate resolution assessments for today’s preclinical and clinical imaging environments. Once developed, the project will move forward to evaluate the current imaging market space and commercialize the newly developed phantoms.