Care Oncology North America

Student: Chuck Meakin, 2019-2020

CareOncology North America is a minimally viable product here in North America, having started 18 months ago. The parent company has been operational for 5 to 6 years in the United Kingdom and hopes to grow in the US and Canadian markets. This healthcare company uses telemedicine format to deliver Oncology consults to consider metabolic therapy for the treatment of cancer. The therapy is used along with standard of care or it can be used alone in some cases. Care Oncology has a patented four-drug cocktail of generic drugs with a long history of safety. A United Kingdom trial demonstrated remarkable efficacy in the management of adult brain tumors completed and published in a recent peer-reviewed journal. This project will incorporate reviewing the technology of metabolic pharmaceuticals in the treatment of cancer, study and refine the telemedicine platform for best customer satisfaction, and clarify pricing models and test online execution for customer privacy and efficiency. The final component of the project will be to consider the opportunity for expansion of the protocol drugs to be used for cancer prevention in high-risk subgroups.