Liquidity Services - Seller Self-Service

Student: Clint Morris, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Liquidity Services , Bethesda, MD

Liquidity Services has had huge success in providing worldwide clients with surplus asset management solutions. Liquidity does this by creating an eCommerce marketplace for buying and selling surplus assets in a variety of different industries. Liquidity Services' most active industry is the private sector, but Liquidity Services wants to reach a wider audience - specifically more commercial industries. This project will focus on the development of a new eCommerce platform for surplus asset sellers that will combine the best features of their current software along with a UI/UX redesign to make it easy for companies of any industry to utilize the software. In addition, the product revamp will include a competitor pricing analysis and potential redesign of the payment model if appropriate. With these changes Liquidity Services hopes to acquire a larger share of the SMB market and continually scale currently high achieving markets such as the private sector.