Lap Poole Suction Catheter

Student: Abbey Santanello, 2015-2016

The Lap Poole Suction Catheter is a medical instrument designed for use in laparoscopic surgeries to adapt to the existing Spot Suction instrument and quickly convert it to Poole Suction, which will promote rapid suctioning of fluids without obstruction from field debris.The Lap Poole Suction Catheter was designed to meet the required needs for the 10mm port site placement and suctioning during laparoscopic surgery. CAD drawings delineate the details of the instrument, and the 3-D printed prototype confirms its compatibility and utility for laparoscopic use. While the instrument, itself, is a simple modification, it holds a multitude of scientific applications. Competency in Computer Aided Design (CAD) is necessary for product design and development. Knowledge in the field of fluid dynamics would aid in design for maximizing suction. The physics behind tension and applied forces would be beneficial to optimizing interference fits and the movement through frictional resistance. It would also require knowledge of medical plastics, and sterilization techniques ensuring biocompatibility. CAD drawings and a prototype of the product are complete (see attached images). It has been briefly tested and has demonstrated its intended purpose. A patent search and provisional patent are the next appropriate steps to secure protection and further product development. Customer validation, instrument testing, FDA clearance, a refined production method, catheter material decisions and a detailed business plan would subsequently follow. Ultimately, the goal is to create a start up business to produce the Lap Poole Suction Catheter or obtain a licensing agreement with an existing medical device company.