Introducing Mobility Solutions to Health & Human Services Agencies and NGOs in the Midwest

Student: Eva-Marie Costello, 2016-2017

Now more than ever, social workers spend a majority of their time doing paperwork instead of meeting patients. This is due to the increased need for accountability and transparency in the human and health sectors. Introducing mobility to human and health services would improve efficiency, make for happier patients and more productive social and health workers. Diona’s mobile investigations is an enterprise software solution which allows social and health workers to update, review and add information to a patient’s file while out in the field. Having the ability to access important information while meeting a patient can make a difference when a life may be at stake. Diona's mobile investigations allows social and health workers to make informed, educated decisions quickly and stay connected without staying in the office. Diona's complementary mobile self-service solution changes how clients and patients interact with human and health services. It does this by allowing clients to view, add and receive information related to their eligibility and cases, all from their mobile phone. Having an easy alternative to office visits allows the agency to apply resources where they are most needed.