Commercialization of Coast Southwest’s Industrial Lubricant Products

Student: Danielle Koterbay, 2020-2021

Sponsor: Coast Southwest, Placentia, CA

Coast Southwest is a leading full-service chemical distribution and ingredient technology company. They historically have served manufacturers and formulators of the personal care and household applications industries with high-quality functional ingredients, however there have always been strong ties to the industrial lubricant market. Since Coast Southwest’s mission is to promote Fluid Thinking that leads to Innovative Solutions, their R&D team is in the process of developing a significant number of lubricant products. The formulations created have relied on innovative advancements in lubrication, corrosion inhibition, extreme pressure/anti-seize properties, viscosity modification, food grade capability, and proprietary additive blends. These formulations have potential marketability; therefore, the goal of this project is to investigate the commercialization, perform validation, and potentially create the launch strategy to commit Coast Southwest to entering the lubricant industry.