Booz Allen Hamilton Additive Manufacturing Business Analysis

Student: Thor Nagel, 2017-2018

Sponsor: Booz Allen Hamilton, McLean, VA

Booz Allen Hamilton is interested in the potential transformative impact to its prototyping and proof-of-concept business that additive manufacturing technologies and capabilities represent. The goal of this project is to evaluate business threats and opportunities that additive manufacturing represents to Booz Allen's delivery of prototype and proof-of-concept products, and product obsolescence business efforts. For 30 years, Booz Allen has engineered from a combination Commercial-Off-The-Shelf and specialty products proof-of-concept hardware solutions for specialized needs. These solutions are typically gap fillers in the government's larger-scale set of capabilities, requiring third parties to bring them into production. Additive manufacturing represents an opportunity for Booz Allen to extend its prototype and proof-of-concept engineering business in addition to the firm's efforts in preventing product obsolescence. The potential to utilize additive manufacturing to take products beyond the prototype stage could expand the breadth of contracts Booz Allen can apply for, and generate more revenue off each product as it develops further.