Biomedical Sciences/Vaccine Development

Student: Sereen Nasrallah, 2020-2021

Sponsor: BioTherVax, Santiago, Chile

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) affects millions of people everyday specifically infants and senior adults and is the main cause of respiratory infections, pneumonia and bronchitis in these vulnerable populations. There is currently no vaccine to protect against this virus but BioTherVax, a biotechnology company in Chile, developed a vaccine that does help prevent and protect against RSV by inducing a protective immune response to defend against the virus. This vaccine has already been evaluated in Phase I clinical trials and has shown promising results in healthy adults. BioTherVax is in need of a commercialization plan to help bring this life changing vaccine to market and to save millions of lives. By assessing the market, analyzing the competitors and determining the funding strategy, BioTherVax will be able to bring this vaccine to those vulnerable populations and protect them against this virus.