On-Demand Digital Editing

Student: Nathan Brown, 2021-2022

Sponsor: URLIFE Media, Los Angeles, CA

University athletic and fundraising departments spend time, resources, and money to create unique experiences for their donors, but they are not capturing those experiences in a meaningful, lasting way. Despite the trillions of photos and videos being taken each year, when making digital memories, people are either using an algorithm that does not effectively tell their story, trying to create their own home movies which takes time, or letting their user generated content (UGC) sit on their camera roll.

URLIFE Media, a digital media startup, has developed a platform that allows individuals to upload UGC and create on-demand videos and mini movies with the help of Hollywood video editors. This Master’s thesis looks to research a new market and create a commercialization plan to bring URLIFE’s extraordinary services to partners who offer extraordinary experiences.

By researching the university athletics market, executing a pilot program, performing market analysis, and market validation URLIFE Media executives will be able to make an informed decision as to whether they should permanently offer their on-demand video editing services to university fundraising and athletics programs or if they should pivot toward other B2B2C strategies within other markets.