Neighborhood Sun

Student: Megan Maley, 2020-2021

Sponsor: Neighborhood Sun, Maryland

Neighborhood Sun works to bring solar power to residents in low income areas in Maryland and New Jersey. They are currently trying to expand into new markets in new cities. The problem being that people distrust community solar because it seems too good to be true. How can something be good for the environment and save money? Neighborhood Sun is working against a widespread understanding that solar panels are expensive and go on the roof of your house. They need a way to show people in low income areas that community solar is a valid alternative to fossil fuels. This year I will be doing market research across the country to find communities and solar farms that will be willing to participate in Neighborhood Sun's mission. Also, finding a root to why LMI communities are so hesitant to convert to solar energy. By the end of the year I will be expected to convert my research into a road map Neighborhood Sun can use to successfully enter new LMI communities in more states.