Commercialization and Optimization of an Online Bespoke Paper Cup Template Designer

Student: Eoghan Martin, 2016-2017

Sponsor: CupPrint US, South Bend, IN

The short run and fast turnover custom paper cup printing industry has not utilized technology to its full potential to date. CupPrint are currently designing an online designer for custom paper cups that will be the first of its kind. Using this platform, it will be possible for CupPrint to increase the reach of their services to a global market. This will also help streamline the sales process and minimize the amount of laborious work that goes into creating sales. This thesis will explore a viable business proposition for the revenue model of the online designer for custom paper cups. An investigation will also be carried out into the optimization of the technology through A/B testing, customer interviews, SEO, user interface advancement, and algorithmic development. CupPrint has entered into the U.S. market last year. This will be the test market for the online designer so as to help gain traction. Although an online platform brings CupPrint into the global marketplace, this thesis will approach the commercialization of an online custom paper cup designer from the perspective of the U.S. market.