Healthcare Applications of Short-Range 3D Sensing

Student: Odhran Reidy, 2018-2019

Sponsor: NeoPhotonics, San Jose, CA

NeoPhotonics have developed technology for high-resolution short-range 3D sensing using coherent optics. There are several potential healthcare applications for such technology. A comprehensive strategy for entry of NeoPhotonics' technology into the healthcare market will be developed. This will be accomplished through investigation of the capabilities and limitations of the technology, and analysis of the short-range 3D sensing market in the healthcare industry. Several technologies and application areas will serve as initial areas of focus, including patient monitoring during medical scans, enriched data for image-guided surgery, and the mapping of external tissue for reconstructive cosmetic surgery. Evaluation of each area will seek to qualify the problem-solution fit, product-market fit and time-to-market associated with the application of NeoPhotonics' technology to the area.