iDentalSoft Billing Services

Student: Jake Mound, 2019-2020

Sponsor: iDentalSoft, Milpitas, CA

iDentalSoft went to market three years ago with a cloud-based management system for dental practitioners. This software is marketed to over 200,000 dental practices in the United States. Often the software that is used by these dentists is difficult to learn and use, it is not cloud based, and in particular it does not cover billing services. iDentalSoft aims to make patient management and billing more intuitive and efficient for these dentists. As it stands, iDentalSoft includes features such as Smart Scheduling, Native Imaging, Treatment Planning, Patient Communications, Prescriptions, Reporting, and more, but it does not include patient billing.

This project for ESTEEM requires planning and ideally executing a billing services feature for the company’s platform. While iDentalsoft already has on payroll a team in Vietnam for coding and software updates, the company seeks to survey all options. They may want to acquire an already established billing services company, or they may want to hire other individuals who can build the software to particular expectations. It is the ESTEEM student’s task to evaluate these among other options.