Integrative Concussion Analytics (ICA)

Student: Davis DeFontes, 2016-2017

In the US there are over 4 million concussions reported annually, and an estimated 1.5 million that go unreported. In 2008 there were 120 concussion related deaths, and 76 out of 79 recently deceased ex-NFL players' autopsies have discovered serious signs of CTE. I believe that these deaths can all be avoided. I seek to provide an improved service to the sports and military sectors that redefines how health-care approaches head injuries. I have created a more efficient, effective and affordable method to detect and treat these injuries. I will improve detection by utilizing research-based equations that incorporate the location of a cranial impact and the effects of accumulated impacts on the brain. I will also increase the aggressiveness with which brain injuries are treated by providing physicians with highly specific data on the injured brain areas, and continue to test the effect that increased blood flow of highly oxygenated blood has on the speed with which the brain can repair itself.