Infrared Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor

Student: Nathaniel Melone, 2021-2022

Sponsor: OfService LLC (Kevin Craig), South Bend, IN, USA

Current infrared sensors operate on either cryocooled or non-cryocooled energy systems. Cryocooled sensors require too much energy output, create bias in imaging systems, and aren’t efficient nor sustainable. Non-cryocooled sensors don’t require a lot of energy output, but don’t produce quality images, and they cost too much for materials to operate on an independent energy source. Of Service LLC has developed a new technology in unison with Shack-Hartmann technology that focuses on both a sustainable, efficient, and extremely accurate sensor. Not only is this intersection of a product better than what’s on the current market, this technology is more versatile across all spectrums of applications. This startup is looking to establish this technology within households and within military defense contracts. By interviewing and establishing relationships with large technology conglomerates as well as Air Force companies, Of Service LLC is aiming to implement this sensor into a wide array of products. Developing this new technology, advancements within military and space industries as well as commercial and personal use can be made to better the way we live.