Project Z-Bike

Student: Whitney Bouey, 2018-2019

Sponsor: SRAM

SRAM is seeking to create an indoor smart bike, Z-BIKE, which is attractive and accessible to both indoor and outdoor cyclists. Z-BIKE will be as easy-to-use as current indoor bikes, but will better simulate the outdoor riding experience. The smart features of Z-BIKE will include compatibility with Zwift for virtual 3D riding, along with shifting gears, power measurement, and automatic load control. Z-BIKE is intended to be highly profitable for SRAM because it is designed to bridge the gap between fitness riders and outdoor cycling enthusiast. Furthermore, Z-BIKE exposes fitness riders to the technology SRAM has to offer along with gaining comfort in outdoor cycling from the convenience of the rider’s home. This will allow SRAM to reach new clientele to get hooked on indoor virtual cycling, as well as, new clientele to influence to get outside to enjoy SRAM components during their outdoor riding experience.