UL - Drones

Student: Sarah Schmidt, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Underwriters Laboratories, Northbrook, IL

Underwriters Laboratories is a global safety certification company that is investigating the opportunity of using drones for building inspections. The exterior of a commercial building makes up about 20% of the cost of a building, and it requires constant maintenance and inspection. The current methods for inspecting buildings are hazardous, time consuming, and can be extremely costly. With this capstone project, UL hopes to gain an understanding of what technology is currently being used in this area, what gaps there are in the current applications, and how UL might be able to fill these gaps. This project will focus on the safety, speed, and accuracy of conducting building inspections. At the end of this capstone project a go/no go will be provided on whether or not breaking out into this new technology is in UL’s best interests in terms of time commitment and financial investment.