Commercializing AR & MR

Student: Shifei (Faye) Wang, 2017-2018

Sponsor: Avanade, Los Angeles, CA

Though still in the technology incubation stage, augmented reality is starting to gain interest in the enterprise. As organizations such as Microsoft are able to commercially scale products like the Hololens, enterprises are exploring how to bring the benefits of virtual and physical reality together to create new experiences. From physical space planning such as retail planograms to customer engagement in space design to complex life sciences designs to machine maintenance, organizations are experimenting. The challenge is that this technology is still in the experimentation phase. The purpose of this thesis will be to prioritize industry or industries based on the client’s strengths and their existing relationships, identify a particular enterprise use case, envision the solution, estimate the value of the market for a yet to be defined offering, develop the business case, and identify the go-to-market approach to create a viable solution (does not include building the complete solution).