Assessing the Commercialization Potential of Specialized Mobility Solutions to Healthcare/Social Services Delivery Within the African Markets

Student: Jack O'Meara, 2015-2016

Sponsor: Diona, Dublin, Ireland

The purpose of this project is to explore some of the less saturated markets, with the hope of gaining market share in some of the world’s fastest developing economies. The scope of the project is aimed at, but not limited to, health and human services delivery. Diona currently has its stronghold in the social services sector in Europe, America and Australia, but is interested in expanding into the healthcare industry among other lucrative markets. This project will explore a broad range of potential market spaces and hone in on those with commercialization potential. By transforming mobile devices and tablets into tools for helping people, Diona helps agencies serve people better while improving how their employees work and collaborate to achieve better social outcomes. Diona has the resources to meet the technological requirements of the product, whatever they might be. Defining the viable market is the primary end goal of the project.