Otter Therapies

Student: Kalyn McDermott, 2019-2020

Sponsor: Otter Therapies, Notre Dame, IN

Otter Therapies is working to improve the care of special needs children by upgrading the way in which medical information is coordinated and shared amongst all caretakers. When raising a child with special needs, there are many therapists, doctors, nutritionists, etc. that parents needs to schedule appointments with and keep track of important information from. Parents often organize this information and appointments with overflowing binders of paperwork and online platforms such as email and google drive.

Otter Therapies is going to launch an all-encompassing platform which can be used to coordinate care between parents, doctors, therapists, and all other necessary stakeholders of the child’s care. Additionally, these care providers will be able to organize health data and share that with one another. The main task for this project will be implementing a minimum viable product and modifying it based on customer input. Improving the organization of care will then improve the efficacy of treatments for the child.