The Bionic Eyeglass: A Smartphone Based Computer Vision Application For Helping Blind People Gain Visual Information.

Student: Csanad Egervari, 2015-2016

Sponsor: Dr. Kristof Karacs, PPCU, Budapest, Hungary

Bionic Eyeglass is an innovation that could have a significant social impact if successfully brought to market. The vision behind the Bionic Eyeglass is a handheld or wearable intelligent device that would allow blind users to perceive their environment by translating specific visual information into an audio or tactile modality. The prototype of this machine is a software application written for smartphones. A few functions have already been implemented, including banknote recognition and color identification. The main difference between the Bionic Eyeglass and other solutions made for the visual impaired is that it is designed to be both multifunctional and intelligent with sophisticated capabilities. The functionality is extensible: it could help blind people with public transportation, recognize the sign of public transport vehicles, and recognize important visual events. The Bionic Eyeglass is a current research project at Pazmany Peter Catholic University and is one of the three programs of the Hungarian Bionic Vision Center.