Exploring the Commercialization Opportunities of the Quantum Energy Storage System in North America

Student: Michéal Lyne, 2014-2015

Sponsor: Glen Dimplex, Dublin, Ireland

Glen Dimplex have developed the Quatum Thermal Energy Storage system over many years in the UK & Ireland. This product is seen as their flagship device to carry the company into the future due to its multiple advantages to consumers, power utilities, grid operators and governments. The company is already the world leader in the electrical heating market but thermal storage heating is an extremely under utilised resource in North America. The future of power generation will include a lot more renewable sources on the grid which are inherently varied and unpredictable. This presents a challenege to utilities, to maintain grid frequency and ensure demand is met while incorporating an ever growing number of renewable resources. The Quantum aims to solve these problems through its innovative design, Demand Side Management(DSM) capabilities and its ability to provide low cost renewable heating to consumers. The Quantum is extremely user friendly and has many features to satisfy consumers demand for more control over both their heating and their bills. My role in this project will be to assess the commercial viability, barriers to market entry and the unique business and technical challenges and which the Quantum system faces as Glen Dimplex tries to commercialise it in the North American market.