Student: Luke Wasynczuk, 2020-2021

Sponsor: MusicLift, South Bend, Indiana

Established live music venues find musicians through informal word of mouth networks. But for the majority of venues and musicians, this system doesn’t work; it creates barriers that impede unestablished venues from breaking into the live music scene. Without informal networks, finding musicians in specific genres who are talented and affordable is a daunting process. As a result, a lot of great venues forgo hosting live shows. On the other side, there’s a surplus of musicians struggling to find work. While they lack established fan bases and well-connected managers, these musicians are talented performers who are willing to play shows for cheap. This problem represents a substantial market gap in the live music industry. Currently, no efficient platforms exist that have a centralized and effective way for musicians and venues to coordinate gigs with each other. The live music industry is disorganized. And that’s where MusicLift steps in. MusicLift has developed an online, two-sided marketplace to connect musicians and venues. Through this centralized platform, venues can browse musicians by genre or price, and easily find quality talent that meets their needs. For musicians looking for work, MusicLift provides a free and passive means of finding gigs and making money.