DeLive: Web application for development for cyber physical systems (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

Student: Matthew Adams, 2019-2020

Sponsor: DeLive, Notre Dame, Indiana

DeLive currently has a patent pending for their drone technology that will enable unmanned aerial vehicles to respond to critical medical emergencies by delivering medical supplies that are necessary to begin treatment as time efficiently as possible.

During my tenure with DeLive, I will develop skills in coding in order to help create a functional web application that will integrate with drone actions. Additionally, I will be conducting several interviews in person and through phone calls to numerous EMS stations (fire & police stations) in order receive insight and response to our current solution. While I will be conducting several interviews, I will also be responsible for pitching our innovative solution to potential testers/investors. My job will be to pitch this solution effectively enough to have multiple stations across the country sign up to use our services once the patent and funding is complete.