AI at Scale

Student: Sean Kelly, 2021-2022

Sponsor: Ernst & Young, Chicago, IL

I will determine a novel strategy for EY to gain a larger market share in consulting for corporate AI, and achieve a higher rate of success in organizations scaling their AI processes. About 80-85% of companies struggle to develop and scale proof of concept machine learning models. Current metrics show that organizations that scale data science and AI effectively are seeing up to 3x the return on their investments compared to non-scalers. Executives oriented on business strategy are supportive of integrating AI into their operations, as 3 out of 4 executives believe they’re at risk of going out of business within 5 years if they don’t scale AI. However, they similarly acknowledge that they’re unsure how to scale AI across their organization after achieving success in pilot implementations. It is crucial that EY seeks a more efficient route to provide clients with the competence to restructure their technological and organizational infrastructure, enabling an effective strategy to scale their artificial intelligence applications. Ultimately, I will produce a roadmap for EY to acquire and serve clients, uniquely utilizing their partnership with Microsoft Azure.