Functional Nano Printing

Student: Matthew Decloedt, 2021-2022

Sponsor: Minxiang Zeng, Notre Dame

Colloidal nanomaterials have previously been used to develop sensors, thermoelectrics, and
energy storage devices through printing. In order to avoid the toxic/expensive organic
solvents of conventional ink formulations, a new generation of water-based nanoparticle inks
must be developed. The Functional Nano Printing project has developed and patented ways to solve this issue, along with increasing device performance, but hasn’t had any development on the business aspect thus preventing it from reaching any kind of market entry. To reach this, they need to identify and evaluate a wide variety of market applications for the technology, create solutions for the top applications, and execute a thorough competitive landscape assessment. On top of this, there is a need to identify who the potential customers, acquirers, and strategic partners would be and develop a road map for commercialization from this including any barriers such as regulatory approval.