Commercialization of a Medical Device


Sponsor: Aerogen, Galway, Ireland

This capstone thesis will concern the commercialization of a medical device. Aerogen is the world’s leading manufacturer & distributor of high performance aerosol drug delivery technology throughout the hospital. Aerogen’s devices are currently utilized throughout the world in multiple sections of hospitals, and are used in the delivery of drugs to patients through nebulization. The main uses of Aerogen's devices are in the ICU, respiratory departments and emergency departments. This capstone thesis will identify the requirements for developing a device that is non-invasive and compliant with medical regulations to ensure optimum performance and detection ability of nebulized medical drugs in critical-care implementations. The device will ensure that medication is being correctly delivered to the patient. Customer interviews and validation will be carried out to better identify functionality required, market need and launch strategy. The final deliverable will consist of a full disclosure of the market research carried out and the proposed technology solution in addition to a fully developed business plan and financial forecast.