Naughton Fellowship

March 10, 2021 update: The Naughton Fellowship ESTEEM program will not run for the 2021-2022 year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Please check back again in the fall of 2021 for future deadline and application information.


Naughton Application Checklist

The Naughton Fellowship for Master's students provides the opportunity for an aspiring graduate student to experience an immersive year abroad. This competitive program is designed to allow future leaders in a STEM field to pursue an advanced degree while also building international relationships and collaborations.

Irish students can earn a Master's degree in one year through ESTEEM. This program immerses a student in a year of graduate-level study of innovation, entrepreneurship, and general business, designed to augment and make more marketable a student's scientific, technical, and engineering skills.

Through the Naughton Fellowship, Irish students can earn a full tuition scholarship, along with a $17,000 stipend for living expenses and full health insurance subsidy for the sponsored student insurance plan. 



Interested students may apply for acceptance into ESTEEM at any time; all applicants from Irish institutions will be evaluated together following the Naughton Fellowship deadline. Requirements and process are detailed here, with the following differences noted:

Personal Statement Guidelines

Your ESTEEM/Naughton personal statement will be uploaded as PDF in the "Essay Short Answer" section of the application. Please limit to 2 pages or approximately 900 words.

Topics covered should include:

  • A statement detailing information you believe to be relevant to your application. (Why are you right for ESTEEM? Include relevant academic, non-academic, professional and research-based experiences.)
  • A statement explaining why you are choosing to study your chosen course. (Why is ESTEEM right for you?)
  • An explanation of how a Naughton Fellowship would be of benefit to you during your studies and in the future. (Why now?)
  • Details regarding any non-academic pursuits and achievements, including sports, volunteer work, and other interests.

Additional Information

Significant importance and preference will be given to those Naughton candidates who demonstrate academic excellence; however, the committee will consider several additional criteria, including:

  • the interest, ability, and potential of the candidate to study their chosen field;
  • the candidate’s capacity to successfully complete the program of study; and
  • the candidate’s desire and ability to serve as a cultural ambassador.

The Naughton Fellowship program has delayed applications for the 2021-2022 ESTEEM program due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is hoped that this program will open applications in the coming weeks. Please check back again in mid-February for an update. 

Please visit International Student and Scholar Affairs for visa and other information.