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Why a Master of Entrepreneurship?

ESTEEM is an innovative 11-month entrepreneurship master’s program designed to equip a person with the specific skills required to launch a business. Unlike the traditional M.B.A., an entrepreneurship master’s focuses on the direct application of business skills to a entrepreneurial environment. ESTEEM sets itself apart from other entrepreneur master’s programs by putting students in the middle of real-time startup development. In addition, a wide network of investors and alumni is available to help launch ventures inspired by students' capstone projects. Learn more about our Entrepreneur Master's Program

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Science and Engineering Meet Business, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

A collaborative effort of the University of Notre Dame College of Engineering, College of Science, and Mendoza College of Business, our 11-month Master of Entrepreneurship degree program is designed for students interested in pursuing a business program with a focus on science and technology.

The program is uniquely designed to enhance your existing scientific, mathematics, engineering and technical skills through a sound introduction to business and the commercialization of innovative science and technology. All ESTEEM students are required to complete a capstone thesis project in which they work with a faculty mentor to take a product from concept all the way to commercialization. The research or technology for student’s capstone thesis projects can come from one of the University’s world-renowned faculty, can be part of an industry-sponsored project, or can be a student’s own “founders” idea. Students must thoroughly evaluate the technology and develop a go-to-market strategy including a complete business plan and full financial forecast. Current projects include remote detection of soil moisture for agriculture, new technologies to detect E. coli in drinking water, and development of more efficient aerospace heat shields. Learn more by checking out current and former student projects in the thesis spotlight.

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The University of Notre Dame ranks in the top 100 research institutions for biological sciences, physics, chemistry, and computer science. US News & World Report lists Notre Dame in the top 50 engineering programs, and in the top 25 graduate business schools. In addition to world-class research and post-graduate education, the Notre Dame campus is home to numerous centers and institutes that act as engines of innovation.

The ESTEEM program is an entrepreneur master's program that offers a true entrepreneurial environment that fosters promising ideas through activities both inside and outside of the classroom. Incubators and support services include the Notre Dame Alumni Association, Gigot Center for Entrepreneurship, and the Fellow Irish Social Hub

Students are also introduced to a wide network of investors and alumni available to help launch ventures. Workshops with angel investors and VCs – both at Notre Dame and during the students' spring break trip to Silicon Valley – are supplemented with access through the Irish Innovation Fund, Irish Angels, and the Irish Entrepreneurs Network, all of whom have provided funding for ESTEEM program graduates.


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