Sam Cowdery

Class of 2019-2020

University of Portland, 2019

Why I chose ESTEEM:

I chose ESTEEM because I wanted a new challenge that went well beyond my current skill set and forced me out of the lab and into the world of entrepreneurship.

My capstone project and why I’m excited about it:

My capstone will be developing a financial services app for workers without conventional pay structures. I’m excited about the project because much of my work experience has been in freelance and I am looking forward to helping workers with similar experience succeed in their fields.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM:

My goal is to build a career helping individuals and businesses achieve their full potential by leveraging technology to optimize their habits and workflows. In the short term though, I plan on heading to Colorado after graduation to build tiny homes with a friend of mine.

What I like to do when I’m not working:

I love reading obscure books on philosophy, writing songs for guitar, and listening to Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson, and Tim Ferriss.

And finally...

Less than a year ago, I was worried about what I would be doing post-graduation and only had a vague idea of what my next five years would look like. As I write this, I am on a bus driving back from Indianapolis where my team got to pitch an idea for a sports technology in front of industry professionals and venture capital agencies and I am amazed and humbled by how much I have learned in just four weeks at ESTEEM. I couldn’t be happier with my choice of program and I can’t wait to see what the next ten months will bring!