Olivia Houston

Class of 2018-2019

McGill University, 2018
Mechanical Engineering

Why I chose ESTEEM:

I chose ESTEEM because I was looking for a master’s program that would build upon my technical undergraduate degree and challenge me to develop critical entrepreneurial business skills. When I stumbled upon the ESTEEM program I knew it would be the perfect fit. The hands-on attitude, capstone thesis, and awesome course selection makes this program a non-stop learning experience, and I am excited to hone these skills throughout the rest of my professional career.

My capstone thesis project and why I'm excited about it:

I am extremely excited about my thesis project because I am working with a cutting edge technology company to investigate new market applications of their current products. I will be investigating how advanced short-range sensors can be used in the healthcare industry to create detailed 3D medical images. I was drawn to this project for two key reasons, the first being that my undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering made me super excited about the sensor technology, and the second being that I was excited by the challenge to investigate a market I was unfamiliar with. Over the course of the year I hope to learn a great deal about integrating market research and customer validation to identify key market opportunities, and how to translate these opportunities into a viable launch strategy. I am extremely excited to collaborate with my sponsor team on this project, and I look forward to seeing the project grow throughout the year.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM:

After ESTEEM I hope to continue honing and developing my entrepreneurial skill set. I hope to pursue a career in management consulting or in a technical engineering firm, where I have the opportunity to become an innovator within a major company. Over the course of my professional career I hope to inspire young female generations, be a role model to my colleagues, and hopefully one day have the opportunity to lead my own company.

What I like to do when I'm not working:

When I’m not working I like to explore the town of South Bend, especially the restaurants and bars downtown. I also love going for runs, and it’s fantastic being on campus that has two beautiful lakes you can run around!