Matthew Olsen

Class of 2020-2021

Saint Anselm College, 2019

Why I chose ESTEEM:

I chose ESTEEM because it gives me the opportunity to utilize my background in applied physics while allowing me interact with some extremely intelligent people in a fast paced environment rather than stuck in a lab.

My capstone project and why I'm excited about it:

My capstone project is a startup founded by an ESTEEM student from the class of 2020 called DataLayers. DataLayers is a SaaS company developing an API that will be used to expedite the process of businesses communicating their data to lenders in order to obtain loans. The reason I am excited about this project is because I'm working with an exciting start up with an exciting team. I am also able to immerse myself in an industry I currently do not know much about and broaden my technological and business acumen.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM:

I hope to continue to work with an exciting start up after graduating from ESTEEM.

What I like to do when I'm not working:

When I am not working I love to hangout with my friends, as well as stay active through sports.