Jeff Riney

Class of 2019-2020

University of Notre Dame, 2019
Mechanical Engineering

Why I chose ESTEEM:

To apply my passions for human kinematics and human centered design to create physical products that empower individuals.

My capstone project and why I'm excited about it:

I am working with Enlighten Mobility and their goal to develop a biofeedback mechanism that will help train the proper biomechanics involved in gait training for amputees. This is an exciting space that combines my love for kinematic human motion and product design, as well as work on a team that puts the patient’s insights at the forefront of innovation.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM:

I hope to oversee my work done in ESTEEM through its integration into the rehabilitation space, as well as see its progression into the world of sports science.

What I like to do when I'm not working:

I love creating and designing mechanical toys, much like the ones I played with growing up! I am a kid at heart, and attribute my creativity to my ability to tap into a child-like fascination of the world around me.

And, finally:

I came into Notre Dame loving football and I want to leave Notre Dame loving something else. I believe ESTEEM presents the perfect opportunity to do that.