Duncan Wilgress-Pipe

Class of 2022-2023

Xavier University, 2022
Engineering Physics Major

Why did you choose ESTEEM? 

At Xavier University we had several ESTEEMERS come back and talk about the great opportunities that this program exposed them to. I have always been interested in both the technical aspects of a problem and the business applications that the solution to that problem can have. I saw ESTEEM as the perfect place where I could utilize my love of problem solving and learn how to apply those skills to solve business problems.

What is my Capstone Project and why am I excited about it? 

My project is with RJ Reliance, a Human Capital Management company, the project is focused on business growth and major transactions. In the past 5 years RJ Reliance has seen massive growth, and to continue this growth I will be focusing on creating a business plan and a pitch deck to support external funding efforts and entering new markets.

What do you hope to do after ESTEEM? 

After ESTEEM I hope to get a job in consulting where I can work on a wide range of projects constantly challenging me to find new and inventive ways to solve business problems. In these solutions I hope to leverage my technical background from undergrad with the business and management knowledge gained from ESTEEM.

What do you like to do in your free time? 

In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, working out, and learning new hobbies, recently I have been trying to figure out how to use a laser cutter. When I learn this new talent, I will be able to create my own wall art and furniture.