Chris Hume

Class of 2018-2019

University of Notre Dame, 2018
Chemical Engineering

Why I chose ESTEEM:

The ESTEEM Program allows me to augment my technical background while developing very valuable entrepreneurial skills. I know these skills have served past ESTEEMers very well in the corporate and startup worlds and have opened incredible opportunities to ESTEEM grads. I am very excited to see where the opportunities offered by ESTEEM take me.

My capstone thesis project and why I'm excited about it:

I am working for PwC with another ESTEEM student. Together, we are helping PwC integrate artificial intelligence and developing technologies into its daily operations. The goal of this project is to improve the efficiency with which PwC can serve its clients. This is a fantastic opportunity, both to learn about emerging technologies and to gain experience working within a company as well respected as PwC.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM:

Initially, I hope to be a consultant. The skills honed after just a few years of consulting are immense and draw me to the industry. Eventually, I hope transition out of consulting and use the skills learned during my time in ESTEEM to start my own company.

What I like to do when I'm not working:

I have finished a half-Ironman and finished a large popcorn and soda at a movie theater. I can do it all!