Ange Agasaro

Class of 2021-2022

University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2020
Integrated Science

Why I chose ESTEEM ?

I chose the ESTEEM program to explore the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and science that it provides.

My capstone project and why I'm excited about it ?

For my capstone project, I am working with mySongbird, a start-up concert streaming company with a mission of being a force for good by reinventing 20% of its net proceeds into funding green- technology that will help combat climate change and restore the planet. In addition to leveraging my marketing and financial analysis skills, mySongbird always reminds me to make environmentally conscious choices that do not only benefit me, but also the whole world.

What I hope to do after ESTEEM ?

With the skills that I am gaining from classes and my capstone project, I hope to start my venture after ESTEEM.

What I like to do when I'm not working ?

I like to have social interactions and watching documentaries


ESTEEM does not only educate you but also gives you a lifetime fun experience.