Network as a professional with the help of ESTEEM

Author: Kunigunda Szentes

Throughout November, I made a lot of progress with my capstone thesis about electrophysiological solutions for smart devices, with the support of the ESTEEM team.

I was given the opportunity to attend two professional conferences, where I made valuable connections, and learned from the stakeholders involved in my project.

Img 20171103 122008

From November 2-5, I attended the National Conference of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) in Kansas City, MO. Another ESTEEM student, Eydis Lima, joined me in representing ESTEEM. During this time, we met promising students whom share an aspiration for entrepreneurship. Beside this, we networked with multiple companies (GE, IBM, Intel, Johnson and Johnson, Microsoft), that are interested in assisting my thesis project.

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On November 10, I attended another conference: the Annual International Conference on ADHD  organized in Atlanta, GA. This event helped me gain a lot of insight on my capstone thesis. The chance to meet with experts in ADHD, parents, teachers, and representatives from special education programs for children gave me the chance to perform an agile market validation. I was able to conduct 20 interviews with parents whose children are diagnosed with ADHD, psychologists, teachers, and special education representatives.