Meet the Students Putting the "Irish" in the Fighting Irish for the ESTEEM Class of 2024

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Irish Graduate Students from the ESTEEM Class of 2024Irish Graduate Students from the ESTEEM Class of 2024

Discover how the talented students in the ESTEEM class of 2024 from Ireland are making a substantial impact at the ESTEEM program at the University of Notre Dame. Each student brings a unique perspective to the table, demonstrating the versatility and breadth of the ESTEEM program.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady, ESTEEM Class of 2024

Meet Kevin Brady

Prior Education: University College Dublin, Cell and Molecular Biology

Capstone Project: Vital View Technologies

With a passion for both science and business, Kevin chose to pursue a graduate degree to bridge these two fields. His technical background in cell and molecular biology serves as a solid foundation as he explores the business side of the scientific world.

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Ciara Dillon
Ciara Dillon, ESTEEM Class of 2024

Meet Ciara Dillon

Prior Education: University College Dublin, Bachelors of Engineering (Mechanical)

Capstone Project: General Genomics Inc. 

From her roots in Dublin to the transformative experiences at Notre Dame, discover how the ESTEEM program has provided Ciara and many like her with the tools, knowledge, and support to venture beyond traditional confines, shaping them into problem solvers and industry leaders of tomorrow.

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Anne Marie Freeley
Anne-Marie Freeley, ESTEEM Class of 2024

Meet Anne-Marie Freeley

Prior Education: University College Dubin, Masters of Materials Science and Engineering, Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

Capstone Project: Drone Response

Anne-Marie is a driven individual who found her true calling through the ESTEEM program. Unsure of her career path, she stumbled upon this one-year master's program that encompassed all her desires. With a technical background, she sought to develop her entrepreneurial skills while gaining valuable business knowledge. 

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Oscar Gleeson
Oscar Gleeson, ESTEEM Class of 2024

Meet Oscar Gleeson

Prior Education: University College Dublin, Pharmacology

Capstone Project: CergenX

Venture with us as we chart Oscar's transformative path, from his foundational years in Dublin to his groundbreaking endeavors at Notre Dame. Learn how the ESTEEM program has equipped Oscar and his peers with the unique fusion of technical acumen and entrepreneurial insight, molding them into the visionary change-makers and innovators of the future.

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Seán Lysaght
Seán Lysaght, ESTEEM Class of 2024

Meet Seán Lysaght

Prior Education: Trinity College Dublin, Computer Science and Language

Capstone Project: Energy Vault

Seeking to merge his technical expertise with business acumen, Seán made the bold decision to relocate to the United States for graduate school. Notre Dame's ESTEEM program not only catered to his academic aspirations but also promised a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, a confluence of traditions, and a community that resonated with his Irish heritage. Dive into Seán's journey, as he unveils the transformative power of the ESTEEM program and the warmth of finding a 'home away from home'.

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Niamh O'Donnell
Niamh O'Donnell, ESTEEM Class of 2024

Meet Niamh O'Donnell

Prior Education: Dublin City University, Bachelor of Business Studies International and French

Capstone Project: Ascend Learning

Prior to joining Notre Dame, Niamh worked at Enterprise Ireland in San Francisco, leading their enterprise software and digital entertainment portfolios across the West Coast U.S. With her background in business and her passion for entrepreneurship, Niamh was excited to continue her journey at Notre Dame and contribute to the thriving community.

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Sean Roche
Sean Roche, ESTEEM Class of 2024

Meet Seán Roche

Prior Education: University College Dublin, Physics

Capstone Project: Lenovo

It was during a summer research program at Notre Dame that Seán was introduced to the previous cohort of ESTEEM students, which completely shifted his perspective on entrepreneurship and business. Initially viewing himself as strictly a STEM person, Seán realized the potential for growth and innovation in the business world and decided to explore this new path through the ESTEEM program.

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Dylan Walsh
Dylan Walsh, ESTEEM Class of 2024

Meet Dylan Walsh

Prior Education: University College Dublin, Computer & Electronic Engineering

Capstone Project: SpaceX

Dylan is a passionate engineer who discovered his love for entrepreneurship during his undergraduate studies. This led him to the ESTEEM program, where he saw the opportunity to further develop his entrepreneurial abilities. Dylan was particularly drawn to the program after hearing about the strong sense of community at Notre Dame. Knowing he made the right choice, Dylan is now thriving in the program and grateful for the supportive and special Notre Dame community.

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Tighernán Shaffrey
Tigernán Shaffery, ESTEEM Class of 2024

Meet Tighernán Shaffrey

Prior Education: Technological University Dublin, Mechanical Engineering

Capstone Project: Drone Response

With a strong interest in both business and technical fields, Tighernán decided to join the ESTEEM program to enhance his business acumen while building upon his mechanical engineering background. Coming from a family business background, Tighernán has always had a commercial interest and saw the ESTEEM program as the perfect opportunity to merge his technical and commercial skills.

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