Bridging the Gap: Kevin Brady's Transition from Science to Business in ESTEEM

Author: Notre Dame ESTEEM

Meet Kevin Brady, a M.S. in Entrepreneurship, Technology, & Innovation (ESTEEM) graduate student in the class of 2024. Prior to his enrollment in the program, he completed a degree in Cell and Molecular Biology at the University College of Dublin in 2023. With a passion for both science and business, Kevin chose to pursue a graduate degree to bridge these two fields. His technical background in cell and molecular biology serves as a solid foundation as he explores the business side of the scientific world.

The Capstone Experience

At the heart of Kevin’s ESTEEM journey lies his capstone project with Vital View Technologies (VVT). This isn't just another academic exercise. It's an exploration, a challenge, and most of all, an opportunity to bring groundbreaking technology to various industrial sectors. Kevin’s role isn't just a bystander; he’s at the forefront, analyzing market trends, strategizing go-to-market plans, and driving the project's direction.

“My favorite part of the capstone process is definitely having your own autonomy and having the option to direct exactly where you want it to go and while still working with a company and still working on a really new exciting technology,” explained Kevin. “So you definitely feel like you're your own boss in a sense because it's very self directed but at the same time you're working with a new and exciting company.”

VVT is a Notre Dame spin-out focused on commercializing technology discovered by Dr. Tom Pratt’s Lab. This capstone project is centered around identifying potential applications for VVT’s proprietary sensor technology in industrial sectors. It will allow potential customers to gain new insights on their hardware and processes, saving time and money. Kevin will be leading this project and identifying market opportunities where this technology makes the most impact, then developing a go-to-market strategy.

Beyond the Classroom

ESTEEM goes beyond classroom learning. Kevin reveals that the weekly innovation rallies held on Fridays before game day weekends are a major highlight of the program. These rallies feature guest speakers, entrepreneurs, and former ESTEEM students, offering valuable insights into various industries and networking opportunities. The Notre Dame community attending these events comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, providing students with endless possibilities for making connections and shaping their career paths.

One of the standout benefits of the ESTEEM program is its powerful alumni network. Kevin emphasizes the strength and reach of this network, which opens doors to numerous career opportunities. Through interactions with alumni, both within and outside the program, students gain access to invaluable advice and mentorship. Kevin himself has had the chance to meet professionals from various sectors, each contributing to his own personal and professional growth.

“The network in Notre Dame is probably one of the most powerful in the world. It's insane the people that you can speak to. Even this evening, I'm going to meet a VP at Pepsi,” said Kevin. “There are just so many different opportunities. There are a few ESTEEM alumni in my sector that have been happy to speak with me and have provided some really valuable insights and have honestly shaped what I want to do going forward.”

Kevin Brady's journey from the realm of Cell and Molecular Biology to the bustling corridors of business in ESTEEM is a testament to the transformative power of interdisciplinary learning. As he melds his scientific expertise with business acumen, his narrative reveals the boundless possibilities that arise when passion meets purpose. Kevin's work with Vital View Technologies, his experiences in the innovation rallies, and his connections through Notre Dame's formidable alumni network underline the holistic and real-world opportunities the ESTEEM program offers. For any aspiring individual at the crossroads of science and business, Kevin's story serves as an inspiration, illustrating that with the right platform and support, one can truly bridge gaps and shape the future.

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