Brandon Erlacher

Adjunct Assistant Teaching Professor

"I am a passionate leader, problem-solver and teacher. My personal mission is to create, implement and optimize new models to help businesses thrive, despite disruptors causing volatility in nearly every industry. Technology is only a tool— it must be deployed with a creative, individualized plan for different consumers, segments and audiences to make a powerful difference.

My background is in designing innovative digital products, executing personalized content marketing strategies and the management of news/media organizations. One of the keys to the success of those projects and roles was envisioning and implementing ways to connect, analyze and leverage data, allowing my companies to capitalize on key advantages, solve complex dilemmas and provide insight to those that needed it in real-time.

I now use those skills to help businesses in media, medical, manufacturing and nonprofits through analysis, building visualizations and helping stakeholders to uniquely understand and act on the data they already own. These solutions create efficiencies to save or reinvest, drive higher conversion rates and develop targeted strategies to drive engagement, build more loyal customers and drive profit."